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Kindergarten Readiness

The below information is about kindergarten readiness.
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Is Your Child "Ready"?

Readiness is variable, but the following is a recommended definition for kindergarten readiness.  However, the requirements to attend kindergarten in HPISD are two-fold: age (5 by Sept. 1) and residency with HPISD boundaries.

**Please note, not every characteristic below needs to be met to be a successful kindergarten student! 

A child who listens
  • to directions without interrupting.
  • to stories and poems for the five to ten minutes without restlessness.
A child who hears
  • words that rhyme.
  • words that begin with the same sound or different sounds.
A child who sees
  • likenesses and differences in pictures and designs.
  • letters and words that match.
A child who understands
  • relationships inherent in such words as up and down, top and bottom, little and big.
  • the classifications of words that represent people, places and things.
A child who speaks and can
  • stay on the topic in class discussions.
  • retell a story or poem in correct sequence.
  • tell a story or relate an experience of their own.
A child who thinks and can
  • give the main idea of a story.
  • give unique ideas and important details.
  • give reasons for his opinions.
A child who adjusts
  • to changes in routine and to new situations without becoming fearful.
  • to opposition or defeat without crying or sulking.
  • to the necessity of asking for help when needed.
A child who plays
  • cooperatively with other children
  • and shares, takes turns, and assumes his/her share of group responsibility.
  • and can run, jump, skip, and bounce a ball with comparative dexterity.
A child who works
  • without being easily distracted.
  • and follows directions.
  • and completes each task.
  • and takes pride in his/her work.

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