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2021/2022 Kindergarten (& New Student) Registration

Armstrong & Bradfield

The below information is an overview of how to register your student for Kindergarten (or new student to HPISD).
Click here for an overview of the Kindergarten experience at Armstrong and Bradfield.
Click here to learn about kindergarten "readiness."

Roundup will begin Tuesday, February 16 and end Friday, February 26, 2021

      • Links to register your student are posted at HPISD's Enrolling a New Student page.
      • For the 2021-22 school year, Kindergarten (and new student) registration will be completely online.  There will be no in-person Kindergarten Roundup. 
      • Refer to this checklist for required documents.  These documents will be submitted electronically starting Feb. 16. 
      • Enrolling after this date is allowed (and expected in the case of new residents, for example); but the district uses the number of students registered during this period to determine teacher/staff needs. 
      • **Current families and new families will enroll at the same time. There is no early registration for current families.**
Virtual Q&A with Principals: February 23 at 9AM
      • Each principal hosted its own virtual Introduction and Q&A on February 23 with videos from the PTA and Dads Club Presidents. 
      • Please check the schools' websites for the recorded Q&A sessions.  

Please visit HPISD's Enrolling a New Student page for detailed information on how to enroll your student. 

School Contacts

Principal: Betsy Cummins  cumminb@hpisd.org

Admin. Asst: Jamie Condon condonj@hpisd.org

Principal: Regina Dumar  dumarr@hpisd.org

Admin. Asst: Jeanne Peoples  peoplej@hpisd.org

Admin. Asst: Monica Kramer kramerm@hpisd.org

Round-Up  Round-up is for all students/families, current and new to the school.

Tues. Feb. 23rd at 9AM

link to be announced soon

Submit questions for Q&A here

Tues., Feb. 23rd at 9AM

link to be announced soon

Submit questions for Q&A here

Student Assessment



ABPA Popsicle Parties

June & August TBD

June & August TBD

Back to School Sign Up (pay for supplies, cafeteria, etc.) + Proof of Residency

Early August

Early August

Newcomers' Orientation (parents only)

Week before school starts
Location TBD

Kinder Parent Coffee

(Due to COVID, may be virtual)


Newcomers' Orientation

September TBD Parent Coffee 

(Due to COVID, may be virtual)

Class List & Meet the Teacher



First Day of School

Weds, Aug 18, 2021

Weds, Aug 18, 2021

ABPA Kindergarten Parents Happy Hours (parents only)



On-boarding (parents only)

Curriculum Night

Volunteer Training
(Cafeteria, Library, Supply Room, Room Mom/Dad, Art Display, VSP software)

Girl Scout & Cub Scout Round-Ups
(Kinder for Daisies, 1st Grade for Cubs)

Kindergarten Class Party

Due to COVID, these may be cancelled or virtual

Curriculum Night

Volunteer Training
(Cafeteria, Library, Supply Room, Room Mom/Dad, Art Display, VSP software)

Girl Scout & Cub Scout Round-Ups
(Kinder for Daisies, 1st Grade for Cubs)

Kindergarten Class Party

Due to COVID, these may be cancelled or virtual

Age Requirements

Kindergarten - 5 years of age on or before September 1

1st Grade - 6 years of age on or before September 1

How To Enroll Your Child

1. Enroll online -- starting mid-February
    • New Student Enrollment Checklist
    • Request for Records Form (you will not need this for Kindergarten Students)
    • Home Language Survey
2. In lieu of in-person registration/round up, submit the following documents online (link will be available mid-February) 
Required documentation: 
  • Certified copy of student's birth certificate
  • Student's Social Security card
  • Current Immunization records
  • Proof of residency: Copy of contract, lease, deed on residency (warranty deed or deed of trust)
  • Current utility bill (water or electric only)
  • If applicable, entire copy of custody restrictions or parenting plan

3. Have your student attend Student Assessment (dates TBA)

This is optional and is not required for registration. This helps the teachers get to know your student before school starts (and vice versa) and helps determine how to best place children in classrooms. 

3. Complete the Back To School Sign Up Online via Skyward (mid-August)

  • Look for a pink envelop in your mailbox. This letter will contain your login and instructions for Skyward. 
  • Note: you will not receive email communications from the school (ex: the weekly newsletters) until the BSSU process is complete and finalized - which is usually around the 2nd week of school. 

4. Complete Proof of Residency (mid-August)

          • Similar to some of the documentation required during registration, but a required step for registration.

School Tours

Due to COVID, school tours are not currently available.

What is Round-Up? For 2021, Roundup is Virtual and there is no in-person Roundup.

  • To introduce the family to the new school.  
  • Roundup equips parents with important information regarding your school, introduce you to names and faces or people who will serve you. 
  • Roundup is Virtual for 2021 due to COVID and will consist of virtual introduction to the school, the principals, PTA and Dad's Club leadership, and more.  Check back for links.  Submit questions here

Pre-Covid, Roundup was also where new families enrolled their child and where new students got to tour the school.

What is the Student Assessment?

Student Assessment is an opportunity for your student to meet some of the kindergarten teachers before school starts so that the school can determine how to best place children in classrooms. This helps the school maximize the learning opportunity of each classroom, and it also helps new students become better acquainted with the school.  The assessment is 10-15 minutes. It's a very simple, quick introduction - you do NOT need to prep or stress about it.

**During COVID, the process may be different and may consist of a parent questionnaire.


What is the Back to School Sign Up (BSSU)?

Back to School Sign Up is an annual process for all HPISD families that takes place before the beginning of the school year. Back to School Sign Up allows parents a convenient one-stop shop to provide important information to HPISD, its PTAs and other support organizations. Parents are also able to purchase school supplies, spirit wear,  library gift books, directory, yearbooks, PTA membership, Dads Club and more. As a result, parents do not have to sort through piles of paperwork and write multiple checks at the start of every school year. 

To log in, use your Skyward user name and password. 

Have questions? Click here for FAQs

What is the annual Proof of Residency? 

Each family must complete the Proof of Residency every summer prior to the beginning of school. If the residency paperwork is complete and current from the enrollment process (deed or updated lease in addition to a driver’s license at the same address), then you will only be required to submit a new water or electric bill for the address where you reside. If the residency documents on file are incomplete or do not match the submitted utility bill, you will be required to provide new residency documents that match. Requirements and submission procedures will be available on the District’s website during the summer. 

Readying Your Student (all in-person events subject to cancellation/virtual programs due to COVID)

  • (Virtually) Attend Round Up
  • (Virtually) Attend Assessment 
  • Attend the Kindergarten Popsicle Parties (hosted by the ABPA)
  • Attend the Newcomers Orientation 
  • Attend Meet the Teacher
  • Teach them how to unbuckle their car seat (for carpool)
  • Consider signing them up for Pre-K Sports via the YMCA to meet friends before entering Kinder. 
    • Kinder: This is for children who are in kindergarten (~5 to 6 years old). Kinder teams will be on the same first grade team.
    • Pre-K: This is for children who will enter kindergarten next year (~4 to 5 years old). Pre-K teams will be on the same Kinder teams. 
    • Rookie: This is for children who will enter kindergarten in two years (~3-4 years old). We recommend joining an ABPA team
  • Consider signing them up for a Kindergarten Readiness camp over the summer. 
  • Consider joining an Adventure Guides/Princess group. 
      • Many Dads and Daughters/Sons will join an Adventure Guide/Princess group, beginning in the kindergarten year. This is a great opportunity for Dads and kids to spend quality time together.  Some groups will form on their own (which is known as a "rogue group") while others will sign up through the YMCA.  Learn more about the YMCA program here. 
      • Groups usually begin forming in summer - by word of mouth. YMCA registration deadline is mid-August/September. 

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