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Groups.io is an integral part of ABPA.  It is a great way for our members to connect and share information.   The ABPA must set clear guidelines to ensure that Groups.io remains a valuable resource.  Essentially ABPA's Groups.io is an open forum and should continue to be open.  The main guideline is to use discretion and tact.

The following topics/questions are appropriate to post:

  • Services – Anyone have a handyman they can recommend?
  • Childcare – Nannies / sitters needed or needing work
  • Places to go / Things to do – Best place to get santa pictures, best pumpkin patch
  • Neighborhood – Is everyone’s power out?  My neighbor’s car was stolen – watch out!
  • Giving away/selling personal items - Does anyone want my double stroller?
  • Seeking items- Has anyone finished with their pack ‘n’ play?
  • ABPA events and updates- What do people wear to the holiday party?

The following topics/questions are inappropriate to post:

  • Negative opinions on businesses, professionals, schools, events or people
  • Social, religious or political topics 
    • Political topics include, but are not limited to, petitions or organized efforts for/against an organization or person, solicitation for a candidate or election, or any post political in nature.
  • Promoting a business/website/blog except when responding to direct inquiries*
  • Selling items or services directly related to a business/website/blog*
  • Inflammatory or rude comments of any kind


On Fridays, all members are allotted ONE email to promote a business/website/blog.  This email can promote your business, your spouse’s business, a family member’s business or a friend’s business.  You may also sell items or services related to the business.  This email can also be used to promote an event or sale related to the business.

Additional guidelines:

The email addresses of our members may never be acquired and used for solicitation.

If you have specific negative comments to share regarding a business or professional, please reply directly to the ABPA member who posted the inquiry, rather than to the entire group.  Again, we encourage our members to use wisdom in the tone and manner of all negative emails.

Inappropriate Use of Groups.io:

Because of the open nature of Groups.io, discretion and tact are required by each person as they post.  From time to time, an email of inappropriate nature is sent.  We have set these clear guidelines on how we will respond.  The President, VP Communications and President Elect, using their judgment, will respond accordingly:

First Inappropriate Email:            A written warning

Second Inappopriate Email:        Suspension from the ABPA Groups.io for a period of 30 days

Third Inappropriate Email:           Removal from the ABPA Groups.io

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